Introducing Pure Beauty Live Rosin Carts

1 Gram / 1 Cart
Available in SATIVA, HYBRID, and INDICA
Live Rosin made with 100% fresh frozen flower
We make our proprietary blends in house, that may change in accordance with the season, the collective mood, and whatever strains we are loving

The quality of ingredients equals the quality of your experience. Our special live rosin blend is made with whole fresh frozen flower and enhanced with full-spectrum terpene sauce, crafting the ideal balance of terpenes and cannabinoids. The result is an incredibly clean and potent experience, from the pull to the feeling in your mouth, the smoothness of the hit, the pleasant complexity of the flavor, the way it hits your throat, and of course, the high.

We started with live rosin, a gentle extraction process using only ice water and a little heat and pressure–best preserving the balance of terpenes and cannabinoids. Live rosin is the primary and star ingredient in every vape. But then we asked ourselves, is this enough? We love live rosin, but can we make this experience even better? We tinkered a lot and ultimately created our own blend of live rosin that incorporates a little full spectrum high terpene concentrate. Using two, complementary modes of extraction, we believe, creates an ultimately superior and more abundant product. The blend results in an optimal experience in terms of flavor and high.