Introducing: solventless- live rosin-ice water hash-infused pre rolls by Pure beauty

Five .4g mini joints in our signature packaging made with:

full indoor flower from pure beauty’s sustainable cultivation
live rosin & ice water hash - both solventless concentrates

When you are at that perfect level of stoned and all of a sudden you are a culinary savant - shaving truffles, sprinkling kettle chips and drizzling ranch with fresh herbs on a slice of steamy,cheesy pizza and you’ve never tasted anything so good in your life. What if you could direct that same energy to getting even more high and see how far the rabbit hole goes?

We all know when you smoke flower you get a certain high that is different from when you vape or when you eat a gummy etc..There is something to love in every high. But what if you could experience them all simultaneously? This is a concept we have been obsessed with. Because we like decadence–and frankly, can’t you always get a little higher?

So we went and created the weirdest, perfect joint by blending our best flower with the cleanest concentrates. How? We married our indoor whole flower with two of our favorite solventless extracts–live rosin and ice water hash to get one extra smooth, easy to smoke, baby joint giving you a multi-dimensional, multi-textured experience.

Try and see for yourself. You will soon be on the couch pondering life’s big questions like:which dimension do we live in? How big is the universe? Like for real. Also, is my dog a human trapped in a hairy four legged body?